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The Internet is really a great place to be for us Old School Music lovers!  Thanks to the plethora of free Internet radio services I can listen to oldies whenever I am on-line. Web surfing to the oldies is fabu!

This page contains the pages I frequent most often. I hope that you find at least one that you can enjoy as much as I do.

AOL Radio powered by CBS Radio – Free Online Oldies Radio Stations.
This link will take you directly to the Oldies page where you can select from the AOL Oldies streams or CBS Radio Oldies Stations streams. You can rate the songs and/or or link to Amazon to buy the music. No special software is required. Just start enjoying the music.

AccuRadio – The Next Generation of Radio.
Click on the above link and you will go directly to AccuOldies — The ultimate oldies music internet radio station that categorizes the songs so you can hone in on just what you want to hear! The Motown sub-station is marvelous! And the Bubblegum sub-station is too much fun! Very minimal commercial interruption.

Live365 Internet Radio –  412 oldies stations at your disposal.
You can also search oldies by decade and purchase singles for download. How cool is that! You may also  listen to Radio365-Mobile For Your Windows® Mobile 5/6 Phone.

Pandora – Pandora is truly commercial free music tailored to your wants and desires.
Personalized radio based on the, Music Genome Project, can be listened to on the web, at home or on portable devices on the go. Even though it is free you must register because Pandora is available only to users whose location is reported to be in the USA by Pandora’s geolocation software: this is due to  licensing restrictions.  This was my first online music radio station ever and  I still frequent it regularly.

RadioTower.Com –  Listen to 140 Oldies Radio Stations.
There are stations here from all over the world. Internet Radio – Now Serving the Best Free Internet Radio to 30,541 Fans.
MP3 streaming of a great selection of oldies is easy. The free service has super short non-intrusive commercials. I listen to the free service, but there is also a Premium service starting at $4.95 if you are so inclined to spend the money for higher quality audio.

There are other sites with a selection of oldies stations, such as, but my favorites that always run smoothly for me and play great music are listed above.

I will update the list if I come across any more great online music sources for oldies for your listening pleasure.

In the meantime do listen, enjoy and spread the word — keep these great oldies alive!



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