Comments are temporaily closed

Happy Holiday weekend OSMLers!

I have already exported this blog’s data, comments, links, etc to the new domain. If your comment made in the last five days and has not shown up it is because the comments were closed and/or in transit.

Your participation/comments are very important to me so I ask you ever so kindly to please resumbit your comment when you check in on Tuesday or Wednesday (if not sooner) and are directed to the new OSML location.

Again my sincere thanks for your patience and cooperation during this move.


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Important Administrative News

Hope this note find all readers well.

One of my file storage hosts has been hacked and so when you click on a music player to play a song it may or may not play. I will be spending this weekend re-digitizing and uploading literally hundreds of songs that were on the paid storage facility to my own domain so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your patience during this conversion.

Of course I was, and still am,  in the midst of moving both music blogs to their own domain so comments will be suspended temporarily here at OSML from Midnight Eastern Time (USA)  Saturday 8/29 until the transfer is complete. Of course you can always use the Contact page to email me directly if needed.

When you go to the “Contact Page” you will see that the “About” text has been updated today.

Please feel free to read through the posts you may have missed out on before and have a wonderful rest of the summer.

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It’s Summer Vacation Time.

Hello readers, friends and Old School Music Lovers,

The OSML  sister blog is closed for the Month of August and this year I have decided that the OSML blog will be closed as well. computer-beach

I will not be on any vacation that I can ill afford. I am in the processing of learning enough about blogging, domains, servers and the like  to get this blog transferred to its own domain. Also I have  been trying to teach myself as much css code and htlm code  as I can to get the job done, and yet still go to work to pay the bills every day!  If I can’t afford a vacation you know I can’t afford to hire a professional web designer– so it’s all on me.

I don’t want the quality of my posts here to suffer, so I decided it best to forgo composing musical posts while I am figuring things out related to this move.

Of course I will be checking in here for messages and will keep comments open up until a few days before the move. I will continue to post any breaking music related news and the “Monday Music Musings” at “Everything Old is New Again” will continue throughout August as per usual.

My goal is to have the move completed by the day after Labor day at the latest!

In the meantime please check out the posts here to discover what you may have missed out on earlier and keep the music alive until I return. I appreciate your patience and tolerance and as always I am,

Musically Yours,


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Links and Reading List Updated

Just bought and read an interesting book this weekend entitled  “Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson” by Ian Halperin after listening to Howard Stern interview the author about the writing of the book.  Whew! What a tale.

Halperin said it took him five years of reasearch to compile the book and that it was on the printing press when MJJ passed. He said he  stopped the presses and wrote the final additional  chapters (and it shows as they are messy and inaccurate).

Anyway, just wanted you to know that I recently updated both the “Recommended Links List” and “The Recommended Reading List.”

In case you haven’t checked them out,  please use them and enjoy. I have visited every link listed and read every book listed and enjoy one and all except the aforementioned MJJ book. I think is just an effort to capitalize on current events and nothing  more,  so don’t make the purchase unless you are a “Curious George” like me. (SMILE)

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Thank You …


… for your patience during my hardware/software difficulties. I have decided to reformat Vista away (good riddance) and install reliable Win XP on my desktop. I was blessed today to find that when I rebooted, and shut down all applications but Firefox, I was able to actually  complete two posts to you without getting hung up. I shall be spending the weekend getting my system in great working order  so that  posts should be back on schedule Monday  July 20th!

I might even throw in something special for Tuesday’s missed post.

Thanks again and have a great weekend Old School Music Lovers and friends.

BTW  how do you like my new logo?

Musically Yours,


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Administrative (updated)


It is after midnight and I STILL haven’t got my Win Vista PC back to working properly. None of the browsers (Firefox or IE) are working.

This awful problem started about a week ago and has gotten worse. I am lucky to get 10 minutes at a time of browser time. I spent today reading all I could to trouble shoot the problem including this long thread — but found no solution to work for me.

Lucky for me I was able to compose and post the quick note to you on my Win XP  Netbook, before trying to get some sleep, to let you know that Monday’s post will be very late in coming. I don’t get home from work until approximately 7:30 PM EST so my post will be forthcoming sometime after that.

Thank you for you patience.


Update 7/14/09

Well once again midnight approaches and I just dropped in using my WinXp netbook (spelled “not meant for typing and composition- – just browsing”) before bed to tell you that it is now two evenings later and the Vista desktop still isn’t working — doesn’t stay un-frozen long enough for me to compose a decent post let alone upload one.

I shall troubleshoot more after work tomorrow so please hang in with me. Also a little prayer couldn’t hurt (smile).


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My Administrative Error

Good Evening,

I just logged on to upload and schedule my Thursday morning post only to find that my Monday post was sitting in the “DRAFT” file because I  apparently forgot to hit the “publish” button. Oh well — stuff happens when life is throwing you curve balls as it has been doing tome of  late.

I just immediately “published” the Monday post and I will “publish the Thursday post on Friday morning to allow some space between them.

I am sorry for getting off schedule and I will do better. I also owe some e-mail responses to some of my readers and I will catch up on those belated replies this weekend.

My sincere thanks for you readership and patience.

Musically Yours,


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