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Greetings to all,

I am an honest, forthright, God fearing woman that believes in the golden rule. I am not a thief now, nor have I ever been in the past, nor have I any plans to become one (LOL).

The purpose of this page is to let it be known that I go out of my way to make sure that  anything I post that was NOT CREATED by me is credited as such. Unlike many blogs I have run across today — I go out of my way to try to find free clip art, public domain photos and the like. I always credit the photos I have taken myself to distinguish them from the photos taken by established newspapers and I will credit newspaper photos accordingly if the information is provided.

When I link to articles or quote them,  I do my best to notify the person’s blog I am linking to, and I have even notified newspapers to find out how much of an article I am allowed to quote, if any, before linking to it.

Any music I provide is purely for entertainment purposes and not posted with the intent of ripping off record companies, publishers or the artists that I listen to and love.  I love music and would never do such a thing. I share music with you that I like,  in hopes that you will like it too. If you enjoy it you are expected to purchase it just as I have done.

If anyone reading this blog objects to any of the content please show me the courtesy and respect, that I would show you, and contact me.  I will remove the content at your valid request as long as you understand that I have not INTENTIONALLY done anything dishonest.  If you tell my neighbor about it and not me — how can we talk about the situation? What are you hiding? Just e-mail me and tell me the valid reason that I am infringing and I will remove the item immediately. No problem.

Early on in my blogging experience I  had  a few photos of mine ripped off by a gossip site and I contacted them and I was ignored!  I knew they were my photos because they even included the fancy border I had created (what an amateur thief). They ignored me but they never swiped another photo of mine again.

Even though that particular blogger set  a poor example, I will not follow in those footsteps. I repeat — just contact me and I will remove the offending item.

I am just here to have a good time and keep those oldies alive!


son.dan1 -at- yahoo.com

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