“It Should Have Been Me” Performed by Gladys Knight & The Pips (1968)


Gladys Knight & The Pips – It Should Have Been Me (1968)

Another awesome classic  by GK&TP from their Motown years! This awesome mid-tempo effort tells the story so realistically that you can just feel Gladys’ hurt and pain at being left by her two timing lover. You can visualize her singing her feelings to him while her brother, cousin and family friend support their “baby girl” in the background! Just beautiful.

This song is from the group’s LP  “Feelin’ Bluesy.” It is is a cover of a song that had already been recorded by Motown’s own Kim Weston.  At  least Motown gave GK&TP the  “leftovers” of someone other than the Temptations for a change (LOL).

No matter though — Gladys can sing any song and make it her own. Look what happened when she covered Marvin Gaye’s “Grapevine”– she had a super hit!

The beautiful Ms. Knight has got to be the strongest female vocalist that Motown ever had in the Sixties. (Thelma Houston was probably the strongest of the later years at Motown.)

Here are the lyrics to this song composed by Motown’s own William “Mickey” Stevenson and Norman Whitfield. Enjoy.

It Should Have Been Me

I saw my love walking down the aisle
And as he passed me by
He turned and gave me a smile
Then, the preacher, then the preacher
The preacher joined their hands
And all the people, all the people began to stand
When I shouted, “you know it should have been me”
(Instead of her walking with you)

You are leaving me stranded
You know that it should have been me baby
Oh baby gettin’ ready to marry you
Darlin’ darlin’ darlin’
You made a promise that we would never part
Then you turned around and broke my little heart
Now you’re standing there saying I do
Holding hands with somebody new
You know that it should have been me
(I can’t stand it)
Instead of her standing by you
You know that it should have been me
It should have been me
(Baby don’t do it)
Then the preacher oh yeah the preacher asked
That there be silence please

If anybody objects to this wedding
Speak now or forever or forever hold your peace
Thin I shouted, “It should have been me”
You know that it should have been me
Don’t you know that it should have been me
You know that it should have been me
I’ve been faithful to you baby, baby, baby
You were leaving me stranded

Musically Yours,


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