“Yester Love” Performed By The Miracles (1968)

Miracles - Special Occ 1968

The Miracles – Yester Love (1968) Peaked #31 Billboard Hot 100 (stayed on chart 8 weeks Summer 1968), #66 Cash Box Top 100 of 1968

This song, composed by Smokley Robinson and Al Cleveland,  is on one of the many, many 45 rpms I would purchase with my allowance every Tuesday as a  pre-teen (called tween now eh?) and young teenager.

I was trying to decide what Miracles cut to post about and I guess I picked this one because I couldn’t find the disk after going through two boxes of vinyl and I really wanted to hear it.  But I am gonna keep looking.

While going through the boxes I realized that I knew every song  on every record — both A and B side. This was called the A side of this particular disk as I recall. But as far as I am concerned, every song on the “Special Occasion” Lp was A plus  material.   That was the genius of Motown in that  what they considered B was always A  in my book. Just as most of the great music in the vault was worthy of release!

As you probably know , The Classic Miracles were: Smokey Robinson on lead vocals;  Ronnie White, Bobby Rogers, Warren “Pete” Moore and Claudette Robinson on  background vocals; and Marv Tarplin on guitar. And yes the guitar is an integral part of every Miracles song:  I mean come on and LISTEN to this man play!  Pure genius! Genius! His licks are priceless. I  had to listen to the song about ten times grooving on the guitar before I could finish up this post!

Please enjoy this great cut by this awesome group and tell a friend so that we can keep the music of Motown alive forever and ever! Amen.

Musically Yours,


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