“Step By Step (Hand in Hand)” Performed by The Monitors (1968)

Monitors - Greetings

The Monitors – Step By Step (Hand In Hand) 1968

Motown50 year 2009 continues here at OSML, in the month of July, paying tribute to the vocal groups I call Coed (both male and female members).

I am starting off with another of the talents that had little or no success at Motown due to lack of promotion. Please keep in mind that these groups didn’t lack chart busters because of any lack of talent — it was due to no support and promotion by the label IMHO.

The Monitors consisted of Richard Street, Warren Harris, and Sandra and John Fagin. They were great performers and yet they never had great chart success.”Step By Step” was their last single ever released on the Motown/Soul label.  It was composed by James Dean & William Weatherspoon.

Trivia: Monitor member Warren Harris was a high school mate of future Temptations Richard Street, Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin. Harris also spent time with Williams and Franklin in The Distants.

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  1. i cant hear the song but whoa, i didnt kno Richard was in another group! even though he wasnt in the Tempts in the beginning i thought he was always like working with them or something lol

    • Glad to give you some more schooling Supa.That’s what I am here for (LOL) I really appreciate your feedback. I am saddened though that you can’t her the song and Richard singing though.

      What exactly happens when you hit the player? Is there something I can help you with so we can figure out why you aren’t able to hear my posts? I never got a reply back from the server where I store my tunes before so I am getting kinda concerned. Feel free to use the contact page to write me about this problem.

      Have a great Holiday weekend my fellow music lover.


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