What has Michael Jackson meant to you? Share your thoughts here.



There Must Be More To Life Than This (demo) (~1985)

This beautiful song, composed by Freddie Mercury of Queen fame, appeared on Freddie’s first solo LP “Mr. Bad Guy.”  Listen to MJJ feel it and sing it.

While  you write your feelings on the loss of MJJ please listen to, this awesome proof of the marvelous instrument that was, Mike’s tenor voice in song. R.I.P. dear man.

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  1. There are no words to describe when an ANGEL leave there mark on the world. Despite all of the negitive things people have said,sued and reported about this man just like JESUS he was never found guilty but crusified anyway. I not comparing hm to my LORD by no means I just feel that no matter whatever he tried to do to show the wrold who he was on the outside, they would never get it so I thank GOD that he was assigned to show us his inside MUSIC that despite how you feel about you loved his music. Why is it that when people like Micheal come along in a life time they die young but yet mark the world FOREVER??? I pray for his family,kids,friends and fans but I thank GOD and rejoice that we knew him for a season and a reason. What a season it has been!!! He is NO LONGER BOUND!!!!RIP Micheal RIP!!!!

  2. Words can not express the way that i feel over the passing of Michael! He will be missed tremendously! He will always remain in my heart for his music will NEVER die! So rest in peace Michael, for now the Heavens up above needs you dearly!

  3. […] posts due to hardware/software issues. Well to find the bonus audio treat  please go to the MJJ Tribute post to leave you memories of MJJ and have a listen while you compose. Published […]

  4. I loved his singing and dancing. His music videos were also great.

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