“Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life)” Performed By The Four Tops (1970)

the four tops BW

The Four Tops – Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life) 1970 #9 R&B, #40 Pop

This wonderful song, composed by Gloria Jones & Pam Sawyer, comes from The Tops’  second LP released in 1970 entitled “Changing Times.”  After listening  to their “Still Water” product, released earlier in the year, I couldn’t see how the group could come up with anything nearly as great.  But they came close.

“Just Seven Numbers”  is my favorite from the set and it charted higher than the title cut that was also released as a single — so I must be on to something 🙂

There is no way that I could even begin to tell the long and loyal story of this under-rated group, that put out consistenly great product,  with the same childhood friends as members spanning  for over forty years and two record labels,  so I won’t even try. (I wish the Classic Tempts had kept their egos in check as well as these men did)

There will be details on The Tops  to come later — in  what I hope to be a long life for this blog.  So for now I will leave you with the music of one of the greatest group of singers this planet has ever know.

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  1. i agree, the Tops are underrated! i recently got one of them Four Top compialtion albums to learn more about them because i wanted see more than just the “hits” and i love it! well i always thought they were good but the cd helped prove it lol. and i agree with the Tempts comment too.

    • I think that Levi Stubbs had one of the best voices ever to grace Motown! I understand that the producers would generally have Levi sing songs in a key slightly too high for him in order to get that “reaching and bringing a sound of slight strain & pain” (LOL) that you often hear in his voice. Whatever — it worked! R.I.P. Levi Stubbs.

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