“God Bless Whoever Sent You” Performed by The Originals (1971)

The Originals

The Originals – God Bless Whoever Sent You (1971) #14 R&B, #63 Pop

If  The Andantes were the most prolific Motown female backup singers at Motown then The Originals were the most prolific male backup vocal group. All of the group members came from other vocal groups before coming together as one at Motown. Of course any real Motown fan knows how Marvin Gaye was so impressed with his backup singers that he helped them acheive their own success by co-writing (along with his then wife Anny Gordy Gaye) and producing the group’s  first and only smash #1 hit “Baby I’m For Real.”

The Originals 7th single release and their 5th to chart respectably,” God Bless Whoever Sent You,” was released in December 1970.

Now if you have been reading OSML for a while you know that I tend to favor some of the songs by an artist that you never seem to hear played on the radio and this is definitely one of those overlooked classic oldies that should be played and isn’t! If I have introduced just one reader out there in the blogosphere to this awesome ballad — then my work for today is done. (SMILE)

This composition, by Clay McMurray and Pam Sawyer, is a most beautiful ballad with all of the group members sharing in the vocals. This tune takes me back to being young and in love for the first time (or what I thought was love) –  but don’t tell anyone: let’s just keep that a secret between us. (LOL)

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