“A Breath Taking Guy” Performed by The Supremes (1963)

The Supremes

The Supremes – Originally titled “A Breath Taking, First Sight Soul Shaking, One Night” (1963) #75 Pop

This single is from The Supremes” “Where Did Our Love Go” classic album release of 1964 which was the first significant set that brought the group national attention. Their first LP, 1962’s “Meet The Supremes,” was unknown to me and my friends when this second LP was released . Most purchased it as an after thought to complete our collections many many years later.

“WDOLG,” who’s “Expanded 40th Anniversary Edition”  was  recently released, was basically everyone’s first taste of the hit making Supremes and we loved them as a group with no stand outs!  This entire LP was a smash in my neighborhood and all of we tweens and teenagers knew every song, every lyric, every vocal inflection and we all had our favorite Supreme.  Some preferred the earthy Flo; some loved the sexy Mary; and others stood by the nasal voice Diane who always had on a wig covering one eye whenever she appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. I recall how this drove my grandmother nuts! (LOL)

I guess you knew I couldn’t close the month out of Motown Female Vocal Groups without an original  Supremes song  — so I went to my favorite, WDOLG,  and took  two days to finally decide on “A Breath Taking Guy,” composed by Smokey Robinson.  Ironically, I was torn between the two Smokey Robinson songs (which were the only two on the LP). WDOLG also had one Norman Whitfield cut and the rest were all Holland-Dozier-Holland, who as we all know, would take the girls into the hit making stratosphere!

TRIVIA: H-D-H may have taken the girls to the top of the charts, but Mrs. Smokey Robinson had a lot to do with Mr. Robinson not writing very much more than these two tunes  and producing more  for The Supremes. She was protecting her husband, and rightly so, from the clutches of the “other woman”. This tidbit comes from more than one of the many Motown autobiographies and biographies that I have read over the years. See my “Recommended Reading List” in the sidebar.

Apparently Smokey wrote and arranged for the girls as a real “girl group” and all three ladies  were singing into microphones that were turned on and the blend of the three voices was superb. All three ladies participated as a group and there were no divas on board: that is why I love this song and the album as a whole.  These were the times of innocence and the innocent beginning of what was to become DRATS.

Hope you have enjoyed this month’s presentations. There are some earlier posts here on OSML about Motown Girl Groups as well.  Just use the search function and you will find additional Supremes, Marvelettes and Vandellas music.

Musically Yours,


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