“Everybody’s Got The Right To Love” Performed By The Supremes (1970)

The Supremes - Right On

The Supremes – Everybody’s Got The Right To Love (1970) #11 R&B, #21 Pop

Before the worldwide phenom called Diana Ross & The Supremes there was an awesome Motown trio called simply The Supremes.  Florence Ballard, Diane Ross and Mary  Wilson, three young girls from the Detroit Brewster projects, made beautiful music at Motown by blending their voices in sweet harmonies.

After Diana Ross left DRATS — once again there was an awesome Motown trio called The Supremes. Diane was not replaced but supplanted by Jean Terrell. Terrell’s voice had more maturity and soul than Diane’s. Under the guidance of producer Frank Wilson, The Supremes first album release in 1970, “Right On,” was not only the best Supremes LP since WDOLG , but the best of the decade IMHO!

I vividly recall singing the songs from this LP  in high school while in the lunch room, in Home Econ class and in gym class. We all loved this LP. In the student lounge we listened to it while playing Spades. Every single song had all three girls paraticipating and their voices could be heard!  The Supremes were back to being an awesome girl group again and they proved it by charting 4 hits in 1970 to Miss Ross’ 2 solo hits that year!

All in all, with an impressive 8 hit singles, these Supremes don’t get much recognition in the Motown history books where  it always appears that the group ended when Ross left. But that is oh so not true!  These ladies were dynamite.

“EGTRTL,” composed by Lou Stallman, was the second single released from the “Right On” LP after the hit “Up The Ladder To The Roof.”

Get with it Oldies radio -and play these  70s Supremes!  There were other personnel changes in the future of the group — but Jean,Mary & Cindy were the best lineup after DRATS!

Please give them a listen and make “Right On” a part of you music collection if it isn’t already. The LP rocks! It went #4 R&B and #25 Pop.

Musically Yours,


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  1. I have always felt that this song was way ahead of it’s time. I live in California and wanted this to be the song for the Human Rights Campaign for Gay Marriage. The words are so perfect for so many reasons. Maybe someday. Thank you Mary, Cindy & Jean.

    • Hi Bill,

      You are so right in saying that EGTRTL was ahead of it’s time. I should have posted the lyrics, but did not, since I was trying to make my posts shorter and more readable. But what the heck — here they are:

      When you’re alone and in a corner
      Your only mourner, is the face that
      Appears in the nearest mirror
      You’ve gotta get it going and somehow knowing
      You’re gonna have it better than you ever had it, because
      Everybody needs somebody
      Everybody’s got the right to love

      If it were me, say I
      I’d say I
      But if it’s you, say you
      Cause if you could give in for a minute
      Put your soul in it
      We could get it together and forever love
      so what’s the use of running boy
      You know there ain’t no point in running
      You need somebody, somebody to love you
      Cause everybody needs somebody
      Everybody’s got the right to love
      You got the right to say I, need somebody
      I need you, he needs me
      come together, talk to me, oh yeah

      You can have all the things that you desire
      But without love you just can’t survive
      Cause you need love to warm your heart at night
      When you’re all alone and no comfort’s in sight
      You need somebody
      Everybody needs somebody, oh yeah
      Everybody’s got the right to love

      I think that the song would certainly serve your purpose so don’t give up the fight.

      Thanks for participating here at OSML.


  2. Just wanted to say I agree with you on the ’70’s Supremes. I love this song because the words are so strong and up-lifting. In my lonely times, I played it to cheer me up. The oldies stations play “Stoned Love” but that’s about it. These ladies are very much underrated.

    • Hi Freddie,

      It is good to hear that someone else out there is listening to the talented 70s Supremes. I hope that in some small way this post will bring some more fans their way because they do not deserve to be written out of Motown history.

      Thanks for checking in here at OSML Freddie. I appreciate your visits.


  3. Hello SonDan,

    I absolutly agree with you about EGTRTL, I was always a big fan of the Supremes with all of the line ups. This has always been one of my all time favorites s from the girls in the ’70s. And if anyone out there is interested, this incredible classic album can be purchased from amazon. Thanks for the memory.

    • Thanks Jerry. Oh I am so glad this CD is still in print for others to discover and enjoy.
      So many of the classics are OOP and it is so very disheartening when great music is kept from the masses IMHO.

  4. The box set, “This Is The Story – The Jean Terrell Years” is a must have!

    • Thanks Freddie for the recommendation. I recall this set being available for sale when I went to see Mary Wilson’s “Up Close & Personal Show” a while back (which BTW is fabulous!). I was low on funds then, as I am now, but this is something I definitely plan to purchase when the finances allow. Glad you reminded me about it so I can write it on my shopping wish list!

      I would love to hear a little more about if from you if you don’t mind. Any surprises from the vault on it?

      Thanks in advance.


  5. On “This Is The Story,” there are 13 cuts from the “Promises Kept Sessions.” Including, “Still Water (Love),” “If I Were Your Woman,” and “It’s Too Late.” Other songs are “Love Train,” “Bad Weather,” and “May His Love Shine Forever,” which were not included on any Supremes albums. Nice photos of the ladies and photos of the original front and back cover of each LP.

    • OMG! Thanks for the details Freddie. Of course you know that was torture to read since I can’t break my budget right now (LOL). It is now on my Christmas Wish List for Santa.
      Thanks again for your response.

  6. Absolutely! Now, I love the Supremes’ whole story (with Diane and Scherrie–each line-up is terrific, different, and special–I mean Scherrie came from the AWESOME Glass House on Invictus, and she is Freda’s SISTER!!), but the Jean Terrell lead Supremes is what I feel are “my Supremes”. People just don’t go as crazy for these powerful records as they should. I guess, they don’t know. Just think how much better their lives would be… I find it irritating that people don’t know that Diana Ross wasn’t on every Supremes record (some think Diana Ross=The Supremes–gosh, these people are lacking a real education). Also, did you check out the dozen unreleased gems on Supremes & Four Tops’ ‘Magnificent: The Complete Studio Duets’.

    Well, as for radio getting it’s act together; I am not oldies radio, but I do a soul radio show in Philadelphia, and I almost always play at least one tune every week from the Jean Terrell lead Supremes. (Music Fo’ Grown Fo’ks on Fridays from 3-6 PM). Listen online/on-the-radio WKDU 91.7 FM wkdu.org.

    **You might want to check it out. I thought you might be interested.

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