“I Can’t Dance To That Music You’re Playing” Performed By Martha & The Vandellas (1969)

martha and vandellas 2 - 2009

Martha & The Vandellas – I Can’t Dance ToThat Music You’re Playing (1969) #24 R&B, #42 Pop Single Release Only

This is another, IMHO, great MATV tune that you never hear on any oldies station and you won’t find on any classic MATV LPs in their discography,  because it was released ( for some unknown reason) as a single only!  Guess  there was no time to make LPs for any girl groups but DRATS in 1969 — Harumph.

But I love this uptempo Debbie Dean & Deke Richards tune from later in MATV Motown career. This song is from the era when the group had been re-named Martha Reeves & The Vandellas to conform with the company’s recent changes of  The Supremes (Diane was about to embark on her solo career  the following year in 1970) and The Miracles’ names to reflect their featured lead singers.

Do listen carefully because additional background vocals on this tune were performed by both The Andantes and Syreeta Wright. Can you hear them?

While you are listening to this cut you might also want to check out another well written and accurate biography page  on  MATV  at the History of Rock.Com Web Site.

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