“These Things Will Keep Me Loving You” Performed by The Velvelettes (1966)


The Velvelettes – These Things Will Keep Me Loving You (1966) #43 R&B

Happy month of May music lovers. May brings the bright and breezy sound of Girl Groups back to the OSML blog. This year all of the Girl Groups presented will be from the Motown family in honor of the year  of Motown50 – 2009!

So let’s get started with one of the first Motown girl groups – The Velvelettes!

This young girl group already had two hits on the Motown/VIP label — “Needle In A Haystack” in 1964 and “He Was Really Saying Something” in 1965.

“These Things Will Keep Me Loving You,” composed by Johnny Bristol, Harvey Fuqua and Sylvia Moy and released on the Motown/Soul label on October 27, 1966,  would unfortunately be Velvelettes third and final single.  The  low chart performance of the song prompted Motown to  drop any plans for an album of music by the girls.  Looking back — this seems so unfair since “The N0-Hit Supremes” were allowed to hang around Motown hitless for many years before their success came: but don’t let me get started on THAT!

Back on topic — The Velvelettes remained in college and eventually disbanded in late 1969 – the same year that member Cal Gil married then Motown employee and  future Temptation Richard Street.

The story of who the girls are how they came together as a group is most fascinating.  Rather than give you a rehash you may get the story straight from the ladies at their official Web Site here.

Trivia: Does the song have a holiday flavor to it? Listen again. The melody was from a public domain Christmas tune. LOL  But that’s OK because the instrumentation is pure Motown Funk Brothers! Right? Right On!

More Trivia. Lead singer Cal Gil was only 14 when she was brought into the group! How’s that for being young, gifted and black! at one point near the end of the group’s first tenure, Cal was the only original group member until they disbanded soon after being dropped from Motown. The group did reform in the eighties and a version is still performing today.

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