“My Mistake (Was To Love You)” Performed by Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross (1973)


Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross – My Mistake (Was To Love You) In  1974 Charted #15 R&B & #19 Pop

I am not a big Diana Ross fan – but I must admit that this song, composed by Gloria Jones & Pam Sawyer, is a really catchy tune and that Gaye and Ross’ voices sound wonderful together.  Truthfully I hadn’t listened to it in a while but as soon as I played it, before uploading it,  I was reminded of what a classic tune it is.

This tune was the third single release from the 1973  “Diana & Marvin.”  The hit LP charted #7 R&B and #26 Pop.

And once again, this is another great Motown song that I can’t recall hearing on the radio in the past  thirty plus years. Have you heard it played?  Me neither.

Marvin had made a promise after Tammi’s death – “NO MORE DUETS!”. He felt    like he was a jinx of some sort.   But Motown insisted on pairing its two superstars together for an album of DUETS! According to “Marvin Gaye, My Brother” by Frankie Gaye (pps 100-111),  Marvin strolled into the studio late for the first session smoking a joint.  Diana was pregnant at the time and sitting in a chair to sing and could not tolerate the smoke from the joint.

Of course Marvin refused to put it out and  needless to say the rest of the LP was recorded separately just like much of the three Marvin and Tammi sets were due to Tammi’s illness. And that was the end of this duet pairing period. (LOL)

Well this month we have gone over Marvin Gaye’s five female duet partners and the unfortunate demise of each pairing.  If you grew up on these duets then I hope hearing them again made you smile. If you were not familiar with some of Marvin’s duets pairings then stick around: I will be featuring more of these classic duets in the future here at OSML.

Now that you have had your music and trivia for the day I need you to please do your part and let me know which of Marvin’s musical partner’s is your favorite? You knew it was coming didn’t you?

All five pairings produced great music so it is a very hard question but life is hard so please vote.

Musically Yours,



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