“Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” Performed By The Casinos (1967)


The Casinos – Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (1967) #6 Pop Singles

The Casinos lead singer Gene Hughes, IMHO, has a beautiful, beautiful singing voice. And “TYCTMG” , written by the talented singer/songwriter John Loudermilk, just couldn’t help but move up the Billboard charts to #6 in 1957 as performed by the nine piece ensemble “The Casinos” that were formed from the group “The Legends.”

Read all about the detailed formation of the group here at Cincinnati’s Own  The Original Casinos Website. This is where I found the great Fraternity Records promotional photo of the group that I have posted above.

It is unfortunate that this song was their first and last hit.

Now let’s fast forward more than 35 years later.

I truly love this video from one of those Fabulous PBS Doo-Wop Specials.  I hope it stays around awhile and doesn’t vanish as so many do.

Mr. Gene Hughes sounds great singing lead on his classic. I recall watching this when it originally aired and I have watched it many, many times since (I need to save up for the video — don’t I?)

It is wonderful that he got to perform again to a group of adoring fans before his untimely death following complications from a car crash in 2004.

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