“Sea of Love” Performed by Phil Phillips & The Twilights (1959)


Phil Phillips & The Twilights – Sea of Love (1959) #1 R&B, #2 Pop

This song is truly a one hit wonder classic that will live on until the end of time.  Sadly the composer and singer, born John Phillip Baptiste but known as Phil Phillips, only ever received $ 6,800 in royalties for his masterpiece written to convince his then girlfriend of how much he loved her.

Phillips story is well written here at his “Black Cat Rockabilly” page and here at “The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation”.  Rather than rehash here please click on the links to read his most interesting history in the music business.

Currently Mr. Phillips has his “The Official Phil Phillips MySpace”  here.

Keep enjoying these classics readers.


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  1. I was looking up Clarence “The Frogman” Henry and I came across you site. I enjoyed it very much, Thank you

    • Thank you for the kind words Paul. I am glad you found something here you liked and I am open to any suggestions you may have for postings.

      BTW – Isn’t “Frogman” a hoot?!

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