“Mixed-Up, Shook-Up Girl” Performed by Patty & The Emblems (1964)


Patty & The Emblems – Mixed Up Shook Up Girl (1964)

Happy be-lated March nostalgic music fans.  I want to share some of my favorite “One Hit Wonders” for the reminder of the month! And “Mixed-Up, Shook-Up Girl” by Patty & The Emblems, on the Herald Record label,  has got to be in the top 10 of my favorites in this category!

It is so unfortunate that with a great voice like Patty’s — the group did not go on to produce more hits. This was their only Top 40 hit: it peaked at #37 on both the Billboard Pop and R&B charts.

Patty  Russell (died Sept, 5, 1998),  Eddie Watts,  Vance Walker (died February 1, 2008) and  Alexander Wildes (died Nov. 13, 1998) made up the awesome group in Camden, New Jersey.

TRIVIA: This great cut was written by session pianist  Leon Huff  who would join with Kenny Gamble in 1965 and creating the  great team  of Gamble & Huff of Philly International fame.

Mixed-Up, Shook-Up Girl Composed by Leon Huff

She’s a mixed-up shook-up girl yes she is
She’s a mixed-up shook-up girl yes she is

Am I crying because I’m happy
Or am I crying because I’m blue without you – yeah yeah
You took my heart and blew it  away
Now you’ve gone and come what may
I’m a mixed-up shook-up girl over you

Am I crying because you left me
Or am I crying because I don’t know what to do
One day you said you’d never part
Am I sad or am I glad
I’m a mixed-up shook-up girl over you –  Woah Yeah

Instrumental Interlude

One day you said you’d never part
Am I sad or am I glad
I’m a mixed-up shook-up girl over you – Woah Yeah
Oh yeah I’m a mixed-up shook-up girl over you
Woah Yeah I’m a mixed-up shook-up girl over you.

Love it!

BTW I found so-called lyrics on the net for this song and as soon as I saw them I knew they were totally wrong so I just wrote them from memory myself.  Sure enough when I played the song I hit it!  Hey, my Dad and I sung this song zillions of time when I was a teenager and it is amazing how these lyrics remain in our minds even though I can’t recall what I had for lunch just yesterday.   😉

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  1. I’ve never heard this song before. Sounds good.

    • Isn’t it great! I betcha you have played it more than once upon first hearing too – haven’t you HD?
      It is such an infectious song. And it just feels good to sing along to.
      I have always loved it and always will. So glad you enjoyed it.

  2. my father played drums on this record.Frank Young.

    • Cool. So did you follow in your Dad’s footsteps and play and instrument for a living?

  3. I am the son of the Baritone of the Group. Alexander Wildes. I still have a live jam session cassette tape of the group performing. I am glad you all appreciate the music. I believe my dad used to be in touch with Frank while he was in the nursing home. My Father passed away in 1998 however, I still carry the music with me. I am also a lyricist myself and my sister is an instrumentalist as well as a singer.

    • A big hug and a hello to you Alexander,

      Obviously you and your sister have grown up in a home full of love and music and I can relate.
      I truly know what it means to carry the music in your heart and I am so glad that you have held on to that jam session tape.
      I am sure that it holds tremendous memories for you and your loved ones. (BTW I would love to hear it if you ever consider sharing).
      I can’t speak for everyone, but this music is special to me for what it is (great melodies & lyrics and execution/singing) and what it reminds me of (great memories of my Dad and my youth).

      I am honored to meet you and consider it a privilege to share this often forgotten music with the blogosphere. It is just my small part in keeping this music alive.

      Thank you for the update on the group and I would certainly love to hear about you and your sister’s musical endeavors if you ever feel so inclined to share.
      Email me anytime. I am always in the mood to hear about good music in the making. It’s genetic (SMILE)



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