“Yellow Submarine” Performed by The Beatles (1966)


The Beatles – Yellow Submarine (1966)

This Lennon/McCartney song was actually a joint effort with contributions from friends on lyrics (including Donovan) and singing the chorus. Intended to be a children’s song — it is a great adult sing-along as well ;-).  I have let it play on repeat while I compose this blog and have sung every note along with Ringo and friends! It’s such a feel-good song.

The song first appeared on the 1966 “Revolver” LP (the first Beatles LP I ever purchased with my own allowance). The song was also the B side to the Grammy award winning  “Eleanor Rigby” single from the “Revolver” album.  “Rigby” was a US success, but “Submarine” wasn’t as big here as it was in the UK where it zoomed to #1.


Of course the song also appeared on the 1969  #2 Pop charting “Yellow Submarine” soundtrack LP for the movie of the same name. I went to see that movie and frankly I just didn’t get it.  But I loved the music and still do.

But I consider “Revolver” to be the better LP.

“Revolver” Trivia: Revolver charted #19 on the 2001  Billboard List of Top Internet Albums. How’s THAT for longevity?!

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