“All I Do (Is Think About You)” (1966 & 1980)


Tammi Terrell – All I Do (Is Think About You)

This is the original version of a fabulous song composed by Clarence Paul, Morris Broadnax and a teenaged Stevie Wonder in 1966. The song was then first  recorded by Terrell — but then sat in the infamous “Motown Vault” until it was released on the wonderful UK compilation  “A Cellarful Of Motown!” in 2002.


Brenda Holloway – All I Do (Is Think About You)

Once again another under-rated and under utilized songstress on the Motown label  recorded “All I Do” and her version *also* sat in the “Motown Vault” until the 2005 release “Brenda Holloway: Anthology” compilation.

Sometimes it is just hard to fathom why so much great music went unreleased and then undiscovered for such a very long time. Also makes me ponder how many other great artists’ careers were stalled by the Motown machine at the expense of a few (or one as the case may be). Last but not least this all causes me to ponder whether or not  Mr. Gordy was the great know all and be all he is made out to be in the annals of music history (no disrespect of his accomplishments is  intended – just an opinion).


Stevie Wonder – All I Do (Is Think About You) (1980).

Wonder finally covered the song he co-wrote in 1980 for inclusion on the hit release “Hotter Than July”.  This set charted #1 USA R&B for thirteen weeks, #2 UK and #3 USA Pop. It was another Wonder classic that you could put on the turntable and just let both sides play over and over again.

Now, of course, I want to know which of the 3 versions you prefer.

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  1. Sondan,

    Wow! That was quite the musical lesson there. I had heard there was a Tammi Terrell version, but had never “heard” it. And, I was not familiar with the Brenda Holloway version either. I love her voice. But, I’ll still have to stick with Stevie on this one! But you’re right, it’s amazing how much great music is hidden in the studios and vaults around the world. I’m glad these finally saw the light of day. It must’ve been the politics of the label and time that has us missing out on some classic material.

    Keep ’em coming.
    -Mista C

  2. As much as I used to love Tammi Terrell, I have to go with Stevie singing his own material. Wow…I had forgotten this tune and was so glad to hear it again. Thanks so much.

  3. Mista C. & Terrri,

    I love both of the ladies too, but I am afraid I have to go with Stevie’s version myself: I just voted.

    Isn’t it interesting that Stevie and crew obviously wrote this song as a love ballad sung by a woman to her man — but over a decade later something in Stevie decided to flip the script and make it an upbeat, funky tune from a man to his lady love and it just hit!

    I wonder if he thought this back when he was a tween and just didn’t see fit to speak up to the “adults” — then when he was grown he did it his way!? (LOL)
    Guess it goes to the musical genius of Stevie Wonder.

    Glad to see you Mista C.

    Welcome to OSML Terri: I hope to see more of you here.

    Happy 2009 to you both.

  4. Happy New Year to you as well Sondan. That’s a good point re: Stevie flipping the song….

    You’ll definitely see me around — gotta get my daily fix!

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