“Auld Lang Syne” – Performed by The Beach Boys (1964)


This accapella rendition of the traditional New Year’s Eve song — Auld Lang Syne – is from the sessions of the 1964 perennial holiday favorite “The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album.”

Short but sweet, the beautiful harmonies almost make up for the Boy’s musical theft of Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little 16” redone as “Surfin’ USA! (That will be the subject of a blog in 2009 for sure.)

This version can only be found on the 1992 CD re-release of the album (which I believe is now out of print) as one of the bonus tracks.

Apparently Scottish poet Robert Burns, who wrote the poem on which the lyrics to the traditional song is based, was a Mason and you may read a fascinating history of the song at the page entitled “Brother Robert Burns’ Auld Lang Syne.”

Happy New Year to all the Old School Music Lovers in the blogosphere!

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