Remembering Robert Louis Debarge, Jr. page updated

Bobby DeBarge playing congas on Soul Train with Switch

Bobby DeBarge playing congas on Soul Train with Switch

The Bobby DeBarge Tribute Page has received the third highest number of visits here at OSML since the blog’s inception.  Since Bobby is loved so much and readers are curious about his music, I have updated the page again to include more music, photos and information.

Please enjoy the update and let me know what other additions you would like to see.


Also I wanted to let you know that a great place to discuss the music of Bobby DeBarge, Switch and all other things  Debarge is the Yahoo Group “The DeBarge Family.” The group has been around since 1999 and the people are friendly and the moderator is superb.  If you are a fan check it out at the link indicated above.



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  1. I am 27 years of age. As I can recall, probably at a very young age of 2 or 3, my mom owned DeBarge*s 1982 release All This Love. From that point on, I grew so fond of the group. To this very day, I still have so much love 4 not just the group DeBarge, but the whole family. RIP Bobby!

    • Thanks for checking in Melanie. You are proof that great music does not discriminate by age — it is multi-generational!

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