“Everybody’s Talkin'” (1966, 1968, 1969 & 1970)


Fred Neil – Everybody’s Talkin’ (1966 & 1969).

This is the original folk rock song release by the composer on Capitol Records.

“Fred Neil” is the 1966 2nd album from Fred Neil, a pioneer Folk rock musician. The album has a more laid-back sound than his debut, and contains his legendary songs “Everybody’s Talkin” and “The Dolphins”. It was re-released in 1969 under the title “Everybody’s Talkin'” to capitalize on the international success of the new title track as performed by Harry Nilsson on the soundtrack of the movie Midnight Cowboy. (SOURCE)

Harry Nilsson at 1969 Grammy Awards

Harry Nilsson (1941-1994) at 1969 Grammy Awards

Nilsson – Everybody’s Talkin’; 1968 release US #113 Pop, Canada Pop #35; 1969 re-release US Pop #6, US Adult Contemporary #2, Canada Pop #1, Canada A/C #1, UK #23; 1969 Grammy – Pop/Rock&Roll/ Contemporary Awards or Instrumental

New York born and NY and CA bred songwriter, singer, pianist, and guitarist Harry Nilsson used only his last name for most of his recording career, which peaked in the Sixties and Seventies.

“Everybody’s Talkin'” appeared on Nilsson’s fourth lp (his 2nd for RCA) released in 1968 entitled “Aerial Ballet.”  “ET” was only a minor hit in the US when released and and a top 40 hit in Canada. It  wasn’t until the following year that the song would become the popular award winner it was after when if was featured as the theme of the film Midnight Cowboy. Nilsson was finally on the music map in a big way and won his first Grammy!

The Legendary "Four Tops"

Four Tops – Everybody’s Talkin’ (1970)

You have now heard the original and the most famous/popular cover and now you must hear my favorite version of all time!

“ET” was covered by many great artists both before and after The Four Tops ( Levi Stubbs, Renaldo “Obie” Benson, Lawrence Payton and Abdul “Duke” Fakir) did their version on the Motown label, but IMHO this one stands above them all thanks to the late great singing chops of Mr. Levi Stubbs.  “Everybody’s Talkin'” appeared on the Tops’ classic 1970 “Still Waters Run Deep” LP that charted #3 R&B &  #24 Pop.

BTW, this LP is what I consider to be one of the best albums of all time! If you have never heard it I suggest that you seek it out and give it a listen to. You will not be sorry.


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