“Locomotion” – Performed by Little Eva (1962)

Little Eva – Locomotion (1962)

The song is a popular and enduring example of the dance-song genre: much of the lyrics are devoted to a description of the dance itself, usually done as a type of line dance. The song became an instant smash, reaching #1 in the US in 1962. [In fact it reached #1 a dozen years later in 1974 when Grand Funk Railroad covered it!]

The artist known as Little Eva was actually Carole King’s babysitter, having been introduced to King and husband Gerry Goffin by The Cookies, a local girl group who would also record for the songwriters. Apparently the dance came before the lyrics; Eva was bopping to some music that King was playing at home, and a dance with lyrics was soon born. It was the first release on the new Dimension Records label, whose girl-group hits were mostly penned and produced by Goffin and King. (SOURCE)

This was one of the first 45 rpms I was allowed to buy with my own money. I remember I had to cross a street to get to the record store and I felt so very grown buying the record on my own being sung be a “cool teenager.”  Ah the good old days  😉

Sadly we lost Eva Boyd to cervical cancer in 2003. But you may read about her life and musical times at:

.Here is Eva Boyd performing her number one hit on Shindig with the fabulous Blossoms backing her up. Gosh I loved Shindig, Hullabaloo and Where the Action is!

Please don’t let these marvelous oldies die.


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  1. I love this song, it stills sounds so fresh and makes me happy. Carol King and Gerry Goffin are great songwriters.
    Kylie Minogue did a cover version of Locomotion in 1988. It sounds very, very “eightish”…

  2. L&S – Very 80ish is right! That must be the version that Vanessa Huxtable and her friends were trying to emulate on “The Cosby Show”. Remember the episode when Vanessa wanted to form a “girl group” and her parents sent the girls to take singing lessons(LOL).

    I’ll stick to Eva’s original. As you say L&S — it surely is infectious with happiness. There is no way you can hear the original and not smile. 😉

    BTW – I believe that just about every song that Carole King was involved in creating remains “fresh”. Her music has really stood the test of time hasn’t it?
    Decades later I still have her “Tapestry” LP in my regular music rotation play list: it positively one of the greatest albums of all time IMHO.

    Thanks so much for checking in Lost & Sound.

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