“If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It” – Performed by Kellee Patterson (1977)

Kellee Patterson – If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It (1977)

This is a most welcome blast from the past for both you (my readers) and me! My sincere thanks goes out to Hagar’s Daughter for reminding me about this funky double entendre song from the Seventies.  I hadn’t even thought of this song in a while because it is not in my music collection .. but I just remedied that!  🙂

This song also serves as a reminder to us all that there was more than just Disco music in the Seventies — there was plenty of soulful, bluesey, funk as well.

Chicago born Kellee Paterson was raised in Gary, Indiana. Guess something in the water made musicianship excel in Gary during the Seventies, since this was also the home of her famous neighbors — the fabulous Jackson Five!

Kellee started singing at age five around Gary and by age 16 she was singing professionally.  She also displayed her musical gifts as a participant in her local Miss America Pageant and won the title in 1971:she was the first Black to do so.

“If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It” is from Patterson’s third album entitled “Turn on the Lights — Be Happy.” In 1977 the single won a gold disc and Patterson was recognized as the ‘Most Promising Female Singer’ by Cashbox and Record World magazines.

Her fourth and final LP was released in 1979. There were some television and film appearances but no more music released to my knowledge.

Keep the oldies alive.


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  1. I truly enjoyed this. I haven’t heard this song since the 70s and never knew the artist’s name. That was a fun blast from the past.

  2. You are very welcomed HD. It was a great treat for me to hear it after so many years as well. Enjoy the music and the memories it brings.

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