“It’s All In The Game” – Performed by Tommy Edwards (1958 Version)

Tommy Edwards – It’s All In The Game (1958 Version)

“Born in Richmond, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson Edwards was an R&B singer most remembered for his 1958, Billboard No. 1, “It’s All in the Game”. He sang his hit song on The Ed Sullivan Show, on 14 September 1958. The song was composed by the then future U.S. Vice-President, Charles G. Dawes in 1912, as “Melody in A Major”, with lyrics written in 1951 by Carl Sigman. Edwards originally recorded and charted the song in 1951, but it only climbed to #18 on the charts then. The better-known 1958 version was on the same record label (MGM) and backed by the same orchestra leader (Leroy Holmes), but with a different arrangement more suited to the rock and roll-influenced style of the time.”  (Source:WIKI)

Tommy’s 1958 version of  the beautiful ballad “IAITG” shot straight to the top (#1) of both the Billboard R&B and Pop charts.

Hundreds have since covered this great song and I loved Tommy Edward’s original 1958 version the best (I never heard the 1951 version and would love it if a reader could point me to it) but ever since the Four Tops did their cover in 1970 — well their arrangement is the only way I ever hear the song in my head: it is awesome and the best version to me hands down! Levi Stubbs just had the perfect voice for this song IMHO.

Keep the oldies alive.

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  1. I have an old 45 by Tommy Edwards with the polydor record company and was wondering if you could tell me what it is worth. Thanks Tammy

  2. Hi Tammy,

    I would suggest you check to see what the item is selling for on auction sites specifically meant for oldies music lovers. I have had great experience both buying and selling on “GEMM.” Check them out at http://www.gemm.com and best of luck.


  3. Fan from the 50’s….”Mr. Music Man” (never charted), another nice song from T.E. ….another by Jackie Wilson: “Night”

    • Hi Bob,

      I would love to hear these two songs. Any idea if they are online somewhere to give them a listen to?
      What albums (if any) are they from that I may perhaps be able to locate?

      Thanks in advance and have a wonderful and blessed holiday week.

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