“Since I Fell For You” – Performed by Lenny Welch (1963)

Lenny Welch – Since I Fell For You (1963)

Ok I want you to quiet your mind and listen to this song so you will understand why I say that Lenny Welch can sing a ballad that will bring you to tears! This man sings this (the song he is most remembered for) with such passion that his version has got to be the definitive version of this song even though it has been covered hundreds of times by hundreds of artists.

Leon “Lenny” Welch began singing as a child in his Asbury Park, NJ home.  Eventually the teenager got a record deal with Decca but produced no hits. But when he changed labels, “Since I Fell For You”, his second single on the Cadence label, became a smash hit going #2 Pop! His third single, ” Ebb Tide”, was also a success but Cadence Records then folded in 1964 and left Lenny without a musical home.

Lenny then stepped out of the music business to serve in the Armed Forces and then spending some time contemplating his musical future but unfortunately after these delays his carreer lost mementum and pretty muchnever recovered.

According to Mr. Welch’s Official Website he has stayed in the “industry” doing voice over work, appearances on TV’s “General Hospital”, done some recording, and still does performances.  Wouldn’t it be great to see a double-billed concert performance of Johnny Mathis and Lenny Welch — two of the greatest Pop Balladeers ever!?

Keep the Oldies alive.


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