“Lawdy Miss Clawdy” – Performed by Lloyd Price (1952)

Lloyd Price – Lawdy Miss Clawdy (1952)

This month let’s listen to some classsic oldies from some of the great male vocalists of the classic rock era!

Usually I prattle on about how my beloved Father introduced me to an artist — but this time around I got turned onto Lloyd Price by my Mom.  She had all of his records and of course I ended up growing to love him as well with “Personality” being my favorite — although frankly I never heard a Lloyd Price song that I did not like.

As for Price’s, often covered,  first big hit “Lawdy Miss Clawdy”:

It was first recorded by Price at the New Orleans recording studio of Specialty Records in March of 1952. It was released under the Specialty label in April and was number one on the Billboard rhythm and blues chart for seven weeks and stayed on the chart for six months. An 8-bar blues with a rolicking piano backup, with the words written by Price, but the melody adapted from the older Junker Blues (Champion Jack Dupree, 1941), it became the biggest rhythm and blues hit of the year and sold over one million copies by crossing over to the white record-buying market. It was the first hit from New Orleans to be accepted into rock and roll. (SOURCE)

This great anectode by Art Rupe begins a comprehensive bio on Mr. Price:

”The first record I put out that really seemed to catch the white market was ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy,’” said Specialty Records founder Art Rupe. “Back then, our records were only sold in the black part of town, so maybe the whites had somebody go buy it for them, I don’t know. But after ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy,’ I found that white record stores were carrying Specialty records because market demand dictates where the product goes.” One copy of “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” ended up in the hands of Elvis Presley, who recorded it for his first album. With heartstopping innocence, Elvis sang “you like to bowl in the morning” instead of “you like to ball in the morning.” It’s tempting to see the evil record company insisting that he make the change, but Elvis’ seventeen year-old mind probably heard “bowl,” and thus it remained.

The bio continues here at the Concord Music Group Website.

More Lloyd Price to come this week.

Keeping the Oldies alive!

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  1. I bought Lloyd Price’s “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” in the summer of 1953. I took it to college with me Okla Univ. I played it or other football players at OU and they fell in love with it. They were all white.
    It is still a great song.

  2. Thanks for the great memory Gerald. Isn’t it marvelous the wonderful memories the classic oldies can invoke?

    It is a great song and it is unfortunate that it is not heard on terrestial radio where the same old songs are played over and over again.

    Hope to see you around here on the regular.

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