“Crying Time” – Performed by Ray Charles (1966)

Ray Charles – Crying Time  [1968]

“Crying Time,” was not the only winner of an R&B Grammy award in 1968. The Academy finally got a little more sense and added two more R&B categories — since the one they had was hardly fair with the bevy of talented R&B Vocalists of both genders, groups and instrumentalists.

Frankly, three was still not enough categories but it was better than just one.  In addition to winning the Best Rhythm and Blues Recording 1968,  Ray Charles’ recording of “Crying Time” also won the Grammy in the newly created category Best Rhythm and Blues Solo Vocal Performance, Male or Female 1968.

This great song is another of the many Country songs that Ray favored during his career and he “Rayized” (yes I made up a new word – LOL) it with a touch of blues, a touch of soul, a touch of gospel, a touch of pop and a touch of Ray!

Composed by the late great Buck Owens, it was recorded by Buck Owens and the Buckaroos and placed on the B-side of their #1 Billboard Country hit “I Got a Tiger By The Tail.” “Tiger” also crossed over to #25 Pop and I happened to ♥ that song very much as did my maternal grandmother may she R.I.P.

Ray’s cover version of “Crying Time” charted on three US Billboard Charts; #6 Pop, #5 R&B and #1 Adult Contemporary!  It also charted #50 in the UK.

Please enjoy this live performance of “Crying Time” by Brother Ray and Barbara Streisand in 1973! It is truly awesome.

You may read more about Ray Charles at Answers.com

Stay tuned for the next post to find out who won the third R&B Grammy in 1968.

Thanks for checking in.

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