“Let the Good Times Roll” – Performed by Ray Charles (1960)

Ray Charles – Let The Good Times Roll (1960)

The first “Let the Good Times Roll” was recorded in 1946 by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five, and became a # 2 hit on the R&B chart. The song was written by “Lovin'” Sam Theard (1904-1982), a New Orleans born blues singer and songwriter, and was co-credited to Fleecie Moore. Moore was Louis Jordan’s wife, and was sometimes given credit on songs which Jordan himself had written, to get around music publishing restrictions. This “Let the Good Times Roll” was also recorded later by Ray Charles and B. B. King. (SOURCE)

The genius that was Ray Charles Robinson covered his idol’s (Louis Jordan) classic hit “Let The Good Times Roll” in 1960.  Ray’s single, released on Atlantic records was b/w “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'” (another #3 R&B chart topper for Louis Jordan in 1946).  Charles sang his vocal over a lush orchestral backing just as Dinah Washington had done a year earlier on her Grammy award winning version of “What a Diff’rence A Day Makes.”

With his rendition of “Let the Good Times Roll,” Charles won the third Grammy ever in the R&B category —  The Best Rhythm and Blues Performance 1960.

Here is a 1973 live performance of the song for your viewing and listening pleasure.

So much has been written about Ray Charles that I have decided not to go into detail on his life. I am sure that if you are a music lover and are are reading this blog you have seen the wonderful, Academy Award winning  biopic on the Genius. To refresh yourself on the details of Charles’ life you may check out the wonderful Official Ray Charles Site.

I appreciate your visit.

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  1. Great, Great entry on Ray, fell in love with him after my dad brought home “What I Say”. We wore the plastic off the record. 🙂


  2. My Dad is the one that introduce me to Ray Charles as well Chili. Of course my Dad is responsible for my love of ALL music as well!

    I think the some of the earliest Ray Charles faves I recall are “Hit the Road Jack” (which my younger step-sister “Performed” to at those family event); “It’s Crying Time Again” (my maternal grandamother’s favorite); and “Let’s Go Get Stone” (which was my favorite and in fact is still my favorite Ray song of all time!)

    I don’t know why I love “Stoned” and obviously as a kid I didn’t know what it meant lyrically — but I just love that song!

    Thanks for checking in to visit and comment Chili.


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