Silver Threads and Golden Needles as Performed by The Springfields (1962)

The Springfields – Silver Threads & Golden Needles (1962)

The trio formed in 1960, when Mary “Dusty” O’Brien joined her brother Dion O’Brien and Tim Feild, who had been working as a duo, “The Kensington Squares”. Dion became Tom Springfield, and Mary became Dusty Springfield. Feild was later replaced by Mike Hurst.

Tom Springfield was a songwriter and arranger with a wide knowledge of folk music, and the group had strong vocal harmonies and Dusty’s powerful lead. They were signed to Philips Records and released their first single, “Dear John,” in 1961, followed by two UK chart hits with “Breakaway” and “Bambino” – like their other records, produced by Johnny Franz. (SOURCE)

In 1962 after this chart success in the U.K. the group released “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” in the US (but not the UK) and it zoomed to #16 Country and #20 Pop. It also went to #1 in Australia. Composed by Dick Reynolds and Jack Rhodes, this much covered tune,  featured lead guitar by Judd Proctor.

“Silver Threads” also had the honor of being the first ever song by a British group to reach the US Top 20: this was 15 months before the Beatles came along to get the British Invasion underway at full speed ahead!

Dusty Springfield felt increasingly hemmed in by the group’s image as a folk act and Tom’s lead role within the trio, and towards the end of 1963 decided to leave for a solo career.

Tom Springfield and Mike Hurst also developed successful careers in the music industry, while Tim Feild (as Reshad Feild) later became a prominent mystic and writer. (SOURCE)

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