Bo Diddley Video Tribute

Bo Diddley sings “Hey Bo Diddley” on the Ed Sullivan Show (1955)

Now I don’t know if this anecdote is true but this was written on the YouTube page where I found this video”

“Ed Sullivan said that I was one of the first colored boys to ever double-cross him. Said that I wouldn’t last six months”. The show had requested that he sing Tennessee Ernie Ford’s hit “Sixteen Tons”, but, when he appeared on stage, he sang “Bo Diddley” instead. This substitution resulted in his being banned from further appearances.”

Wouldn’t surprise me if it was true because the story of Sullivan banning The Doors from the show for singing “Light My Fire” has been proven and verified. Seems to be a Sullivan pattern.

Bo Diddley performs “Road Runner” (1960)

Check out the integrated band of male, female, black and white. Sly & The Family Stone (and subsequently Prince & The Revolution) claimed to be the first to have integrated bands but Bo beat them all to the punch with a female guitarist! Way to go Bo!


3 june 2008
MIAMI (Reuters) – Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Bo Diddley, who banged out hit songs powered by the relentless “Bo Diddley beat” that influenced rockers from Buddy Holly to U2, died on Monday at the age of 79.

Diddley died of heart failure at his home in Archer, Florida, his management agency, Talent Consultants International, said in a statement.

“One of the founding fathers of rock ‘n’ roll has left the building he helped construct,” the statement said.

Diddley suffered a stroke during a concert in Iowa in May 2007 and was hospitalized in Omaha, Nebraska. In August 2007 he had a heart attack in Florida.

Garry Mitchell, a grandson of Diddley and one of more than 35 family members at the musician’s home when he died at about 1:45 a.m. EDT (0545 GMT), said his death was not unexpected.

“There was a gospel song that was sang and he said ‘wow’ with a thumbs up,” Mitchell told Reuters, when asked to describe the scene at Diddley’s deathbed.

“The song was ‘Walk Around Heaven’ and in his last words he stated that he was going to heaven.”

Bo at his best in concert!

Before Prince there was Hendrix and Clapton — but first came Bo and his square guitar.

Rest in peace Ellas “Bo Diddley” McDaniels (Born Otha Ellas Bates but was adopted by his mother’s cousin Gussie McDaniel and a man named Bates) and thank you for your musical contributions to our world.

The New York Times article here is a good read for those of you wanting to know more about this legend.

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  1. Thanks for the post on Bo Diddley especially for including “Road Runner.” I write about Sly and Prince’s use of interracial and mixed gender bands in my book, Sly: the Lives of Sylvester Stewart and Sly Stone but I had no idea that Bo was first to break this ground. I actually had met Bo once when I worked in the record business. Bo’s passing is a great loss. Thank God we have his music.

  2. Oh you are welcome Eddie. Wow, that is interesting that we had the same thoughts on the bands of Sly and Prince. And yes — Bo beat them all to the punch 😉

    What an honor it must have been for you to meet this talented, innovative, musical legend.

    Your book sounds like a must-read for me. Is it readily available in bookstores (so that I can stop by after work) or must I get it online?

    I am an avid reader – especially where music is concerned (see my Recommended Reading List in the right hand side-bar) and would like to dig into your book asap.

    Do let me know about getting your book and I thank you so much for the visit and the kind words.


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