Whispering Bells as Performed by The Del Vikings (1957)

Whispering Bells – The Del Vikings (1957)

As you can see from this excerpt, from the site “Destination Doo-Wop Radio Network”, the Del Vikings split into two groups and the second one had this great hit.

“With a hit record under their belt [“Come Go With Me”], the group hit a snag. Because some of the group’s members were under 21 when they signed with Fee Bee, the group’s manager tried to get them out of their contract and signed with Mercury Records. The resulting fight among group members resulted in a split with one group calling itself the the Dell-Vikings (the spelling of the group that released “Whispering Bells”) on Dot Records, with Kripp Johnson and the returning Don Jackson. The other rival Del-Vikings, as their name was spelled, recorded on Mercury, led by Clarence Quick and featuring Norman Wright, David Lerchey, Gus Backus and new member William Blakely. The Fee Bee/Dot Dell-Vikings released a single 1957 “Whispering Bells” (also written by Clarence Quick), in the late summer of 1957, which reached number nine on the pop charts. “(Source)

“Whispering Bells” is another one of my childhood faves and I hold this DOT Records 45 rpm near and dear to my heart. As I have said in earlier posts, I am not sure if the record belonged to my Mother or my Father, but it ended up with me and I almost played the grooves off of this one growing up. As a little one I recall my Dad singing along with the bass singer and I thought that was so cool!

Here is the re-formed Del-Vikings performing “Bells” on the historic PBS Doo Wop 50 Live! concert in 1999.

Thanks for stopping by and keep these “oldies” alive.

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  1. not only do the sons sing they play instruments as well
    the one closet to the father plays guitar and the next one plays bass!!!

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