When We Get Married as Performed by The Dreamlovers (1961) and The Intruders (1970)

Birth Month Flower of June - The Rose

June is here! Did you know that the Birth Month Flower of June is the Rose (pictured above)?

According to this About.Com page the following special events occur in June: Dairy Month, Great Outdoors Month, National Adopt-A-Cat Month, National Drive Safe Month, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, National Iced Tea Month (Hmmm my favorite drink of all!), National Rose Month, National Safety Month, National Tennis Month, Potty Training Awareness Month, Turkey Lovers Month and Zoo and Aquarium Month.

But not mentioned there is that the June theme for “Old School Music Lover’s Blog” is going to be Male Vocal Groups or Guy Groups! And away we go …

When We Get Married – The Dreamlovers (1961)

“When We Get Married” was the biggest hit for this Philadelphia based group, The Dreamlovers, in 1961 on Heritage Records. Written by group member Don Hogan, the song rose to #10 on the charts. In addition to Hogan on lead, the group’s flawless harmonies were sung by brothers James Dunn on bass and Clifton Dunn on baritone, Tommy Ricks and Cleveland Hammock both singing tenor.

Before releasing their big hit, the group recorded as The Romancers and The Midnighters. As the Midnighters they sang backup on Chubby Checker’s 1958 hit “The Twist”.

This 45 rpm is a precious part of my vinyl collection to this day. I always remember it being near the record player. I was never sure if it was my Mother’s or my Father’s record — but I think it was my Dad’s since I recall him singing the song around the house. Anyhoo, I played it long and often and this song always brings back great memories of my childhood whenever I hear it.

When We Get Married – The Intruders (1970)

Almost a decade later another Philadelphia Do-Wop/Soul group, The Intruders, covered “When We Get Married” on an album of the same name in 1970 on the Gamble (as in Gamble & Huff) label. IMHO their version is not as good as the original. This is the only Intruders LP that the regular lead singer Little Sonny did not sing on and perhaps if he had, the song might have been more pleasing to me. He was replaced on this LP by a Philly lounge singer named Bobby Starr who did a pretty good imitation of Little Sonny. I just don’t think the notes he selected in all cases are the same ones that Sonny would have chosen. But the Intruders are also another of my favorite male vocal groups with some fabulous songs to their credit that will be discussed later this month.

Another decade goes by and Larry Graham covers the tune again in his first solo LP “One in a Million” in 1980. This version has since become a wedding classic and I love it. It is far better, to me, than the Intruder’s cover. But I still think the original is the best! When my blog theme is Male Vocalist I will be sure to post and blog on Larry’s cover here.

As always I am glad you stopped by. Keep listening to the music.


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  1. oh how romantic that was sondan i like the song so much

  2. That it is BlueD. As a little girl I always said that the song would be played at my wedding. Since it doesn’t look like I will be getting married in this lifetime you be sure to have it played at your wedding for me(SMILE).

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