“It’s Gonna Take A Miracle” Performed by The Royalettes (1965)

It’s Gonna Take a Miracle – The Royalettes (1965)

This was the biggest hit for this Baltimore, Maryland girl group that consisted of Sheila Ross, Veronica Brown, Anita Ross and Terry Flippen. Composed by Teddy Randazzo, Lou Stallman and Bob Weinstein, this beautifully crafted rendition of “It’s Gonna Take A Miracle” by the Royalettes, only charted #28 R&B and #41 Pop.

The girl’s producer Teddy Randazzo also produced Little Anthony and the Imperials. If you listen carefully I am sure that you can hear how similar the two groups sounds are.

In the following decade singer/songwriter Laura Nyro’s cover version of “Miracle” would appear on her 1971 album of Soul covers “Gonna Take a Miracle”. This great LP included the talents of another awesome girl group — LaBelle!

Then the song was covered again in 1982 by soprano Deniece Williams, this time charting as high as it should — #1 R&B, #6 Adult Contemporary and #10 Pop.

Also credited as Sheila Ross and her Royalettes the group had one other small hit in 1965, “I Want to Meet Him,” but unfortunately never made the music charts again.

The group disbanded in 1969. Sheila worked briefly as a backup singer for another girl group “The Three Degrees” before reportedly becoming a playboy bunny.

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  1. I love The Royalettes version, and remember the house parties in The Bronx during that time. It is one of my all time favorites

    • I love the too song Bill … but not the parties. I was too shy too dance when I got there but was really great practicing my dance moves in front of the mirror in my bedroom BEFORE the party (LOL).

  2. Covered by Ken Boothe, Tabby Diamond as well. thanks

    • Well thanks to you too Mr. Bunny for hopping in with that info. It is most appreciated news. (SMILE)

      BTW what genre of music were these two covers? I am not familiar with those artists and would like to look up those versions to listen to them. Can you point me in the right direction MB?

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