“Look In My Eyes” Performed by The Chantels (1961)

After the great success of 1957’s “Maybe” The Chantels just couldn’t seem to get a hit on End Records.

“The group was dropped by End in 1959, and Arlene Smith decided to go solo. Harris left to pursue a college education. In 1960, Annette Smith (no relation) replaced Arlene Smith, and the group went to Carlton Records, where they had their second huge hit with “Look in My Eyes” (#14 pop, #6 R&B). Several other singles followed and the group switched record labels several times. Personnel changed throughout the 1960s, with their final single released in 1970.

Arlene Smith fronted a new group of Chantels in the 1970s which featured up and coming Disco diva Carol Douglas for oldies shows and continues to perform.” (Source)

When not performing Ms. Smith worked as a school teacher.

Even though “Maybe” is what The Chantels are most remembered for “Look In My Eyes” is my preference. I practically wore the vinyl grooves off of my 45 while singing along to the record for many many years after it’s release. And it is still a favorite to this day.

Look In My Eyes Composed by Richard Barrett

Look in my eyes,and tell me you love me
Tell me you love me, or darling I’ll be gone

Look in my eyes,and tell me that you’re the
one for me, and that our love will always be
or darling I’ll be gone (gone,gone,gone,gone,

You said it that time
So glad you’re all mine
What’s it to be? Do you wanna be?
And let me know, a little more time
Have that love to be, or darling set me free

Look in my eyes and tell me you love me
Tell me you love me or darling all be gone

Ooooooh ooh-ooooooh
Ooh ooh ooh
(repeat and fade out)

Keep enjoying the music and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. i love it honestly thanks for sharing this to us sondan its such a great pleasure being here in your blog

  2. Excellent song is given. People will really love it.

  3. I too am honored that you are enjoying the music I am presenting here. I hope that these classic rock and roll songs live on forever They are truly deserving of recognition. Take care BlueD.

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