“A Lover’s Concerto” Performed By The Toys (1965)

The Toys – A Lover’s Concerto (1965) #4 R&B, #2 Pop

Composed by songwriters Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell, “A Lover’s Concerto” was a big part of my youth. This was probably the first “Girl Group” I fell in love with. I have vivid memories of having my Barbie doll sing this song, along with Petula Clark’s “Downtown”, whenever I put on Barbie’s black strapless sequined gown for her to sing on stage at the imaginary nightclub.

I also remember that whenever my friend Laura and I would sing together pretending that we were our own “Girl Group”, this is the song we would sing. She took the melody and as the alto I provided the harmony. Oh those good old days!

This classic single went to #2 on the Billboard Pop Charts and #4 on the R&B Charts. It is such a great song and it really got robbed of the number one sport because of the Beatles and Rolling Stones British invasion here in America. The album entitled “The Toys Sing “A Lover’s Concerto” and Attack!”, released on the DynoVoice label, went to #2 on the R&B charts, but only #92 Pop (Hmm).

According to “The History of Rock Website”:

The Toys, June Montiero, Barbara Harris, and Barbara Parritt, were formed in the early Sixties in Jamaica, New York. Harris and Parritt were both born in North Carolina, but moved to New York at an early age. They met June Montiero while attending Woodrow Wilson High School in New York and formed a group. After graduation they continued to sing together. The rest of the history of the group can be found here at their site .

Of course like most little girls of the era I took piano lessons and I tried to “swing” Anna Magdalena Bach’s “Minuet in G Major” (the classical piece that the composers adapted for “A Lover’s Concerto) which was of course frowned upon by my piano teacher (LOL).

Here are some great YouTube (Don’t you just love that site?) clips of The Toys performing their hit on TV shows of the time. I do recall that they did all of the shows of the times – you know Hullaballo, Shindig, etc.

Now we all know that the Supremes knew a good thing when they heard it. They covered “A Lover’s Concerto” on their 1967 “I Hear a Symphony” Album (sort of a rip-off of The Toys don’t you think?). This is their version.

By now I guess you have figured out that the musical theme for the month of May is Girl Groups! And we have started out with two of the best!  Also check out three previous posts I have made on the talented Shirelles:

Please enjoy the music and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. hello sondan gheeeh i love this.
    lovers concerto is one of the my favorite music. i had a coppy but just an instrumental.
    i am a fan of the supremes especially diana ross, but with this song i like most the version of the toys.
    hey there you had mentioned petula: can i ask a request can you post anything about her coz i love most of her songs? hehe

  2. Hi BlueD,

    Yes I like the Toys’ original version much better than the Supremes cover too. Usually the original versions are always the best!

    I have added Petula Clark to my list of female vocalists to post music on when that theme rolls around. I too am a big fan of hers.

    Keep listening to the music BlueD. I’ll be chatting with you soon.


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