Yippee Yio!

Well I think that my blog is now back to normal. I am back on my regular posting schedule and I have been able to restore as many posts as I could remember I had created.

I just found what I though were the last two posts in the Technorati Cache. And in addition to that I found two more posts that I didn’t even realize were gone. You see even thought I post regularly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I also make posts on musical or blog related things on off days as well so I had no clues when I made those posts. Therefore I will be scouring the Technorati Cache for a few more weeks to see if I come across anything else I didn’t realize was deleted the weekend of March 29-30.

I didn’t even know these posts were gone:

1/7/08 Jamaican Music is Missing
1/15/08 A Special Thank You to Bluedreamer

Theme – Motown Covers Motown:

1/9/08 Darling Dear
1/14/08 Love Woke Me Up This Morning

Theme – Instrumental Grooves:

2/6 Batman Theme as performed by the Neal Hefti Orchestra (1966
2/8 T.S.O.P. aka The Theme From Soul Train as Performed by MFSB (1973)
2/11 Love’s Theme As Performed by Love Unlimited Orchestra (1973)
2/13 Shangri-La as Performed by Robert Maxwell, His Harp & Orchestra (1963)
2/15 Last Date as Performed by Floyd Cramer (1960)

Well I am glad this is the final chapter of this particular journey as covered in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. I am most beholding to the Google and Technorati Cache contents and from now on I am a new Freemium subscriber to “BlogBackupOnline”. Losing data that I had put my heart and soul into was very stressful. If WordPress were able to restore the backup immediately as I had expected as per the FAQ – all would have been swell and right with the world.

But unfortunately my posts VANISHED the week before the new WordPress Dashboard was rolled out. WordPress had restored some, but not all, of my missing posts about a week after they had vanished. But then they apparently got sidetracked by the overwhelming response and activity surrounding the surprise new dashboard software install. I was able to fend for myself, but I just don’t want to ever go through this again and so I searched out alternative solutions and found BlogBackupOnline.

They have three levels of service and I am starting out with the Fremium. My posts will be backed up daily and I feel safer knowing that I will have ultimate control over restoration of my blog.

I would feel even better yet if I knew what caused the posts to be deleted from my blog in the first place, but I guess that will forever remain a mystery. I did virus scans and malware checks and nothing was found on my computer. I removed one Firefox add-in that someone suggested could be the culprit — but I actually never really used that add-in so I am doubtful that was the cause.

Anyway, I repeat that all seems to be back to normal. and I have an extra measure of blog security with using BlogBackupOnline. Check out their blog and see it it is for you.



(hmm – I can’t seem to post my sig. Guess this new dashboard is still being debugged LOL)

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