Beloved Musical Mothers in Transition

April 9, 2008, 5:51PM
Bob Marley’s mother, Cedella Booker, dies at 81
By HOWARD CAMPBELL – Associated Press

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Cedella Booker, the mother of Jamaican music legend Bob Marley, has died, a family spokesman said Wednesday. She was 81.

Booker died in her sleep Tuesday night at her home in Miami, apparently from natural causes, spokesman Jerome Hamilton said.

Booker, a Jamaica native, was 18 when she married Norval Marley, a British man 32 years her senior. Their son brought Jamaican reggae music to international prominence, becoming its international image. Bob Marley died in Miami of a brain tumor in 1981 at age 36.

The remainder of the obituary can be read here.

Another detailed notice of Cedella’s passing can be found at the Jamacian Gleaner site.

“Mary Ida Vandross, mother of the late superstar Luther Vandross, passed away after being in a coma for more than a month.

Mary Vandross, 82, was the last surviving family member in the immediate Vandross family having lost her husband, all four of her children and only grandson to either strokes or diabetes.” (Source)

Mrs. Vandross served as spokeswoman for both Diabetes and Stroke. This writeup from when she won the American Stroke Association 2007 Power Award National Honoree tells you more about her.

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  1. oh that was so sad im a. i love marley’s music
    and speaking of bob i haven’t heard anything about him now
    gheeeh i hope american idol will make a tribute for his wonderful work
    as what they did with dolly parton

    hehe are you watching american idol too sondan haha
    gheeh im addicted to that show
    because they revives those oldies song once more
    gheeeh thats so cool

  2. Those two wonderful women obviously raised two great musical geniuses and were proud of their sons 200 percent. And they both outlived their sons and That must have been so hard for them. May they both rest in peace.

    Yes I do watch American Idol BluedD and you are so smart in suggesting that they do Bob Marley songs. They have done tributes to everyone from the Beatles to Dolly Parton so surely Bob Marley deserves the Idol treatment as well. Let’s write them and let em know! I know I am gonna e-mail them for sure.

    And thanks again for the award.

    I hope you are well and that school is going ok for you.

  3. i am so sorry to hear mary ida died. before she died me and her was talking about the things luther would do for her. i am so sorry. Rest in peace Grandmom. that’s what i called her. Patti Labelle is my grandmom and that is her mom

  4. I get the impression that Luther Vandross was a loving and dedicated son to Mary Ida. I am sure it was very hard for her to loose her son. I know that the entire loving family is together and at peace now.

    I thank you for sharing your memories of Mrs. Vandross.
    Please come back to visit again real soon Tyrone.

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