Mockingbird as Performed by Charlie & Inez Foxx (1963)

Charlie & Inez Foxx – Mockingbird (1963)

It so good to be back to my musical blogging schedule. Unfortunately I did not get to finish out the Month of March Theme of Co-Ed Musical Groups as I had intended, but I promise to re-visit that Theme again in the future. For now it is time to welcome in , albeit belatedley, the month of April and present on a new Musical Theme for the remainder of this month — Dynamic Duos/Duets.

We are starting off with the brother and sister team of Charlie and Inez Foxx and their biggest hit “Mockingbird”. It peaked the R&B chart at #2 and the pop chart at #7. This record also had the distinction of being the first record ever released on the US Label “Sue Records”. This record also has the distinction of being in my 45 rpm collection (LOL) that I enjoyed playing as a tween.

Interestingly enough Mockingbird, written by Charlie & Inez, was covered by another duo a little over a decade later in 1974 — James Taylor and Carly Simon. They used the exact same arrangement as the original but IMHO their version is clearly not as good as the extraordinary original.

I am glad you stopped by. Hope you like the music. Oldies forever!


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