Hallelujah Day!

Good Day,

It is Monday and I am finally back! I deeply apologize for not being here for a week, but please dear reader know that it was not intentional. And I wasn’t going to let another week go by without me being here.

Briefly here’s what has happened …

On the evening of Friday, March 28th I began preparing my next postings for the coming week. First I updated the “Recommended Viewing List” and published it. Then I prepared and posted the “April Birthday Page” and published it. When I went to check on the published pages I had just completed — to my shock and horror I saw that ALL OF MY PAGES HAD VANISHED! except the “April Birthday Page”. Needless to say I was stunned.

So I got myself together and realized that WordPress Customer service was closed until Monday Morning (but for me it would be mid-day Monday due to the time difference). I wrote and published a post to you to let you know that there would be no regular song post on Monday, March 31st.

When Monday mid-day came around I sat down to get in touch with WordPress Customer Service to ask them to restore my Pages. But before I did, I took a look at my blog. (I guess I was secretly hoping a miracle had occurred and the missing pages had re-appeared) What I saw was that now AN ENTIRE MONTH’S WORTH OF POSTS HAD VANISHED!

Well, I composed my e-mail to Customer Service for restoration of my Blog. Emails went back and forth and very late Friday evening (about a week to the day of the initial disapearance) all of my Pages were finally restored and all of my blog posts were restored but two. After work today I found one of those posts (Words of Love – The Mamas & Papas) in the google cache, but could not find the second post I had written explaining to you readers about what was going on in the cache. But now you know the deal and I am back. I could wait no longer for WPCS to complete the restore. I have just manually restored the “categories and tags” and all systems are go.

I really missed being here.

You can NOW find an updated “Recommended Viewing List” and the “April Musical Birthday Page” for your consumption. Additions to the Viewing list are in blue. Please enjoy.

Also, it may be a bit late, but my regularly scheduled Monday post is coming under separte cover (SMILE).

Thank you so much for you patience and patronage.

Love and Hugs,

Part 2 – I just got through trying to restore all of my “Categories”, but found I had left-over categories with no posts to apply them to. Turns out about two weeks worth of posts from February are still missing. Again I apologize and have writtenCustomer Service in hopes that those posts can be retored very soon. At least I was told that I can continue on blogging and that will not affect the additional restoration required so I am back for good. Phew! That was close.

Thanks again for your patience.

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