Soul Children – The Soul Children (1968) Part 2 of 3


Soul Children – The Sweeter He Is Parts 1 & 2 (1968)

A 17 year old Anita Louis sings the first verse as if she was a veteran of love, romance and hurt. Then Shelbra Bennett takes the second verse on this fourth Soul Children release that *finally* charted decently at #7 R&B, but just missed the Pop Top 50. This six minute classic was played over and over again in the high school student lounge when we played bid whist on our “free” period back in the day! 😉

Originally released in August 1968 as a two part single — that is the way it plays out on my beloved “Soul Children” cassette tape. But here you can hear both parts together continuously in all their glory. A classic love song if their ever was one. Even if you have never heard anything else by the Soul Children I am sure that you are bound to have heard this cut. And if you haven’t then I suppose you just don’t get out much, do you? (GRIN)

Hope you enjoy the music and I will see you soon.


Source: “Soul Children/Best of Two Worlds-Two albums on one CD” – Liner notes by Rob Bowman, 1995


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