Going In Circles as Performed by The Friends of Distinction (1969)


Going in Circles – The Friends of Distinction (1969)

Well I initially wrote that I wasn’t going to give you the same old songs for FOD, but I just had to do this one: I thought that I may drive the FOD fans away if I didn’t post this one. 😉 And I promise to blog “Grazing in The Grass” at a future date as well.

“Going in Circles” was the FOD’s first single from their first Album “Grazin'”. It charted #15 Pop and #3 R&B!

This Song Review by Andrew Hamilton sums up this luscious song better than I ever could:

“An ultra smooth ballad from the pens of Anita Poree and Jerry Peters delivered by a masculine tenor who’s countered by a falsetto voice on every chorus; the falsetto takes over near the fade to emote one the most heartfelt tags ever dubbed on a soul record. Simply delicious! Fans lined up in droves when the Friends of Distinction made their inaugural round of soul tours; everybody wanted to hear them live and in person. Produced by Ray Cork, many, including the Gap Band and Luther Vandross, have redone this evergreen, but nobody has duplicated the essence of the original. ” (Source)

Of course this song is such a classic “slow jam” that even Madea sings it on the stage.

Hope you enjoyed that bit of comic relief and I really appreciate that you stopped by to visit.


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  1. hey:

    i truly enjoyed the “soul school bit”. you got it down brotha, plus, you can sang.

    i enjoy and appreciate your work, and we are honored you selected one of our songs.

    thank you

    harry j. elston
    friends of distinction

  2. I am honored you found my blog and checked in Mr. Elston. Tyler really can “sang” can’t he? He is obviously a man of many, many talents as are you.

    I thank you for the pleasure you and the “Friends” have given (and continue to give) to me and thousands of others.


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