This Generation as Performed by The Friends of Distinction (1969)

This Generation – The Friends of Distinction (1969)
I ? this ballad so very much. It is a beautiful and moving melody with a beautiful and moving lyric. Written by the song writer/singer Benjamin Peay, this song appeared on the FOD’s second album entitled “Highly Distinct, pictured above.
I wasn’t familiar with the song writer Benjamin Peay so I went looking on the net to find out more about this composer. To my surprise Benjamin Peay was the name given to Brook Benton (pictured left) at birth! Known by most for his signature song of 1970, “A Rainy Night in Georgia”, Peay wrote and sang throughout the fifties and sixties. The former member of the Golden Gate Quartet, wrote “A Lover’s Question” (1958) a hit for Clyde McPhatter, “It’s Just A Matter of Time” (1959), “Thank You Pretty Baby” (1959), “So Many Ways”
(1959), “The Ties that Bind” (1960), “The Same One” (1960), “Kiddio” (1960) and others. Peay’s time with the Golden Gates obviously influenced the melodic structure of this tune that opens with a very “gospel feel” IMHO.
The FODs harmonies are angelic on “This Generation”. I wonder what The5thD’s Marilyn McCoo thought when she first heard the stellar and sweet soprano on this tune?! Things that make you go hmmmm!

Thanks for listening.


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