The In Crowd as Performed by The Ramsey Lewis Trio (1965)


The Ramsey Lewis Trio – The In Crowd (1965)

Written by Billy Page, this instrumental cover of Dobie Gray’s original, actually out-charted it by reaching #5 in the U.S. The original only went to #13. In fact The Ramsey Lewis Trio’s cover version won Ramsey his first of three Grammys — taking home the “1965 Best Jazz Performance by a Small Group or Soloist with Small Group” (Phew – what a mouthful!). Also the album of the same name, that contained the song, was the first of five gold records Mr. Lewis earned! This LP was recorded live over three days during a club date at the Bohemian Caverns in Washington, DC.

Ramsey Lewis is still performing his music today. You may check out his official web site for current performance information.

If anything about this song reminds you of the prior post by Young-Holt Unlimited, please don’t think it is your ears deceiving you. The Ramsey Lewis Trio’s original trio members included the founding members of Young-Holt Unlimited! Same musicians — same groovy sound.

In addition to checking out Mr. Lewis’ official web site you may read more about his musical career here.

Thanks for listening to the music. I love it when you stop by to visit. 🙂


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  1. Thank you for posting this song, i just love it, I can swing around with my baby all nite.

    • No problem Erick. Whenever I post a song I just hope that at least one person likes the same oldies that I do and in this case you are the man (LOL). It is a great tune isn’t it?
      BTW I have never seen Erick spelled with BOTH a C and a K: usually it is either/or. Very interesting 😉

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