Shangri-La as Performed by Robert Maxwell, His Harp & Orchestra (1963)

Shangri-La – Robert Maxwell, His Harp & Orchestra (1963)

“Shangri-La “composed in 1946 by Carl Sigman(lyrics), Matt Malneck, and Robert Maxwell was popularized in 1957 by The Four Coins (went to #11) and in 1969 by The Lettermen. Robert Maxwell’s version came in the middle of these two. It is the instrumental version, that I heard growing up on the “Jackie Gleason” show as the intro to his millionaire character Reginald van Gleason III, that I fell in love with. In fact this use of the song sent it to the Top 40 in 1964 – 18 years after Maxwell composed the song! I wasn’t all that fond of the Letterman’s vocal cover version: it always sounded a bit “corny” to me, while the instrumental version was “exciting.”

In addition to penning the stunning music for “Shangri-La,” Maxwell’s many compositions also include the classic “Ebb Tide” and “Solfeggio: The Song of the Nairobi Trio” from the”The Ernie Kovacs Show.” Those monkeys were too cool! ;-)

Robert Maxwell has fascinating career bios found both here and here.
So please read up on the talented Maxwell, pictured right.

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NOTE: This post went missing the end of March. I was able to restore it when I found it in the Google Cache today (4/16/08).


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