Love’s Theme As Performed by Love Unlimited Orchestra (1973)


Love Unlimited Orchestra – Love’s Theme (1973)

Just as Detroit had “The Funk Brothers” and Philly had “MFSB” – Los Angeles had Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra! I love this group and I love the way Mr. White summed up his group:

“I conduct the Love Unlimited Orchestra,” said Barry. “I also arrange and play many of the instruments. That’s the backing I’ve used on every one of the 57 gold records I’ve won, worldwide. That’s a lot of records. I didn’t go on trips. I didn’t get high. I went into the studio and made music. That’s the only reason I have so many gold records. I didn’t go in there loaded, talking about ‘Let’s dream up this.’ I knew what I wanted when I went in there. I went in, got it, and I left.” (Source)

You go man! Barry’s hard work and sacrafice surely paid off. “Love’s Theme” started off as filler for the album Barry was working on for his protegees “Love Unlimited”. But the finished product went so well that Barry decided to release it as single. His instincts were right on because “Love’s Theme”, released in December 1973, went to number one by February 1974!

You may read a more detailed narrative of the song at the quote source link above.


In addition to first being released as a smash single, “Love’s Theme” appeared on the Love Unlimited 1973 album release “Under the Influence of Love Unlimited”, and it also served as the grand finale cut to an entire album of Love Unlimited Orchestra tunes (for which Barry served as an Arranger, Conductor, Producer, and provided the Art Conception) entitled “Rhapsody in White” released in 1974. This Lp is a classic and should be in every music lover’s library. I am particularly fond of “Barry’s Theme” but the entire LP is awesome!

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