T.S.O.P. aka The Theme From Soul Train as Performed by MFSB (1973)


Mother Father Sister Brother – The Sound of Philadelphia (1973)

Don Cornelius has explained that this song started out as “The Theme From Soul Train” and the name was changed to T.S.O.P – not the other way around. You can read the most interesting story of the creation and release of the song here. There is also a good read about the group MFSB, the song TSOP and the dynamic duo Gamble and Huff (who wrote the song along with Bobby Martin) here.

MFSB (short for “Mother, Father, Sister, Brother”) was a pool of more than thirty resident studio musicians based at Philadelphia’s famed Sigma Sound Studios. They worked closely with record producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and Arranger Thom Bell, and backed up such groups as The Bluenotes, O’Jays, Stylistics, Spinners, Intruders, Three Degrees, Jerry Butler, Wilson Picket, and Billy Paul. Starting in 1974, MFSB started recording for the Philadelphia International label. ” TSOP” was their first product, produced in March, and it peaked at Number One. TSOP was most influential in establishing the Disco sound. They later released other successful singles and albums as a stand-alone recording act. (Source: WIKI)

Even though I have uploaded the song, above, for you to hear I thought I would also add this great YouTube video. The video really takes you back to the era of the song. I figured it would not last very long on YouTube, since most “Soul Train” items have a short life there. So enjoy this while you can –for tomorrow it might be gone.

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NOTE: This post went missing the end of March. I was able to restore it when I found it in the Google Cache today (4/16/08). The two comments were not able to be restored.


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