Yakety Sax as performed by Boots Randolph (1963)

A new month and a new theme. I have decided that blogging is a bit easier for me using a monthly theme and this month’s theme will be “Instrumental Grooves” where we can recall some of the great pop, soul and R&B instrumentals of the sixties and seventies. Many were associated with movies, some with TV shows, some just made for dancing and others were just made for grooving. Ya’ dig? 😉 I am starting off with the multi-million selling hit single* “Yakety Sax”.


Boots Randolph – Yakety Sax (1963)

Tenor saxophonist Homer Louis “Boots” Randolph and James Q. “Spider” Rich, wrote “Yakety Sax,” after being inspired by the sax solo in the 1958 Coasters’ release “Yakety Yak”.

Wiki States that the song includes pieces of assorted fiddle tunes such as “Chicken Reel”, written for a performance at a venue called The Armory in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. There is also a bar of “Entrance of the Gladiators” worked into one verse.

And Wiki adds “that Randolph had recorded an earlier version of “Yakety Sax” that year for RCA Victor, but it wasn’t until his re-recording for Monument Records that it became a standard.”

Remember when the BBC’s “Benny Hill Show” used the song as a background to the sketch comedy? It was just a perfect fit there.

Learn more about Boots Randolph (1927-2007) at “The Official Boots Randoph Site.”

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*source – The Official Boots Randolph Site

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  1. wow we are leaving motown then go to another world in music industry. nice theme

  2. Yes indeedy Bluedreamer. I’m trying to keep you on your toes (LOL). Change is good for the soul. Yes?

  3. gheeh thanks lol

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