Love Hangover

This video is of Diana Ross performing her Grammy nominated hit “Love Hangover” on the “Midnight Special” (loved that show!) on November 26, 1976. The song was #1 on both the Hot 100 and the Dance Club charts in the US and made it to #10 UK.

Written by Pamela Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod the song was an underground smash hit for Sylvester (R.I.P.) Then both Ross and the 5th Dimension did covers. Motown artists were all a bit reluctant about entering the “Disco” arena, but Diana was the first out and a success at it. The very interesting story of her recording the song can be found here.

Not only is Diana a great live performer, but I found this “Muppet Show” performance awesome and wanted to share it. Gosh I miss “The Muppet Show!” The Muppets were surely ahead of their time ‘casue this staging reminds me of a “Cirque du Soleil” performance.


Diana Ross – Love Hangover (Full-Length 7 min 37 sec Studio Version)

Before ending discussion on Ross’ version, I wanted to be sure you heard the original. The edit version was initially released on Diana’s 5th solo LP.


Junior Walker & The All Stars – Love Hangover

I don’t know exactly when Junior Walker & The All Stars version of LH was recorded, but it appears on one of my treasured, now out of print, vinyl possessions entitled “Motown Superstars Sing Motown Superstars”. Motown released it 1986. Junior Walker did lots of cover tunes while at Motown so assigning him this one is no surprise. It is also no surprise the he rocks it! If you aren’t familiar with this artist you have slept on a great musician. There will surely be more to come on JRATAS on this blog in the future so stay tuned.

Which cover version of “Love Hangover” is your favorite? Let me know by your vote here.

Thanks for reading and listening.




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  1. wow diana ross truly a candle in the dark in each of every performance
    and with that gown she really makes the night’s shine – lol
    how i wish i can look over with the muppets, but theres a little problem with the video
    but for sure it will be so fun

  2. Try the video again. I just checked it and it works fine Bluedreamer! You gotta see it to love it (SMILE)

  3. Junior recorded his version in 1976….

  4. Thank You so much Greg/Moody Jr! I just knew a fan would know.

  5. I’ve had the pleasure of working with marilyn mcleod. She co-produced our first album

    Charles Givings
    Rare Gems Odyssey

  6. Hi Charles,

    Did some of Ms. McLeod’s songwriting talents rub off on you? 🙂 Hope so (LOL)

    Tell us about yourself and your album. I would like to know the circumstances that you worked with Ms. McLeod, that is if you don’t mind sharing. If you don’t want me to publish your reply just let me know.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you return soon.

  7. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. In the mid to late 70’s my group, “Rare Gems Odyssey” worked with Marilyn McLeod and Mel Bolton, a fabulous Guitarist. They, along with Arthur G Wright,produced our first Album, “Rare Gems Odyssey”, for Casablanca Records & Filmworks.

    During this period I was also fortunate enough to work on demos for Marilyn that were submitted to Motown Records. I play drum and I sang on several. I would be glad to share some of the songs from our first album that Marilyn wrote if you’d like. Contact me at my email address and I’ll send.

    Later we also recorded some of her songs on another album title “Bouncin Back”. She’s a good woman and a fantastic musician.

    God Bless

  8. I heard the Junior Walker version on a Motown mix by Madlib for the Stones Throw record label over a year ago and have been trying to find out what record it was on!

  9. Glad to be of service “T” (I just can’t call you by that name you are using). Now if we can just find out *when* Jr. recorded it I would be a happy camper.
    Welcome to OSML.

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