Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)

The Contours – Do You Love Me (1962)

The Contours had a number #1 R&B Hit (#3US) in 1962 with this Berry Gordy, Jr. penned song that was meant for the Temptations. As the story goes, when Berry finished creating the hit for the Temptations, who had not had much luck on the charts yet, he could not locate them to get them in the recording studio. It turns out that the fellas were at the Fox Theater attending a Gospel show to both praise the Lord and hone their harmony skills listening to The Dixie Hummingbirds” and The Harmonizing Four. (These are my two favorite gospel quartets). So Gordy tasked the singing of his song to The Contours and the rest is history. The Temptations were sorry they missed out on a hit song, but things happen for a reason and we all know what bigger and better things were in store for fabulous The Temptations!

The Supremes –  Do You Love Me (1964)

“Do You Love Me” next appeared on The Supremes album “A Little Bit of Liverpool” released in 1964. Now obviously, the song has nothing to do with the theme of the album, so I can only suggest it was filler for Gordy royalties – yes I said it. (LOL)

The Temptations – Do You Love Me (1995)

Now speaking of Mr. Gordy, it is on the 1995 release entitled “Memories, Music, Magic of Motown: Tribute to Berry Gordy” on which you can finally hear the Temptations do their version of “Do You Love Me”. In this outing the Motown artists of 1990’s sing the classic songs that Mr. Gordy wrote and co-wrote. In the liner notes Gordy says that getting this song concept was “easy. I remembered the days when I could never get the girls I really liked because I couldn’t dance…”

So you know the drill. Please let me know which of the three versions you like the best by voting here.

Well as always thanks for reading about and listening to the music.

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  1. hi there
    i listen to the three song and i love the version of the supremes
    p/s i love the photos from the supreme
    they are so cute. am i right that diana ross is one of the supremes before?

  2. by the way i just gave you an “interesting blog awards”
    thanks for giving me the enjoyment of reading and listening

  3. Hi bluedreamaer,

    Yes you are right that Diana Ross was in the original Supremes! And yes they were three beautiful entertainers of the time.

    I also thank you for the recognition. I am very glad you enjoy visiting and hope you come by regularly. I get great joy out of sharing this classic music.

    I am off to check out your blogspot right now.

    Have a great week and thanks again for your kind words.

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